The 10 Best Alkaline Food List

The 10 Best Alkaline Food List

It’s challenging to eat healthier unless you know what foods to eat.  So the Alkaline Plus Diet has put together the 10 Best Alkaline Food List to help you choose healthier foods.  Each list has alkaline foods as well as acidic foods to help you determine what foods to eat, and what foods to start getting rid of.

To eat 100% alkaline food 365 days a year would be extremely challenging, and if your up for the challenge go for it, but most people who eat an alkaline diet allow themselves to eat 20 to 40 percent acidic foods per day.

Alkaline Plus Diet understands how challenging eating alkaline can be when you are accustomed to a SAD (Standard American Diet), so the request is that you make subtle changes, instead of overhauling your entire diet.  Every small change done consistently will make a big difference in your health and healing.   You will begin to see changes in the way you look and feel with every change you make.

Alakine Food List

Vegetable Skewer, Paprika, Tomato

Greenopedia Alkaline-Acid:  Ideally 60 – 80% of your diet would come from ALKALINE forming foods and 20-40% from ACID forming foods.  For the acid-forming, skip the fast-food burgers and processed goods whenever possible. Instead, choose healthier options like beans, grains and other freshly made foods.  2 pages

80\20 Rule:  The rule is a request that you eat alkaline foods 80% of the time, and allows for you to eat acidic foods 20% of the time.

Spirit of Health:  Gives you a quick at-a-glance reference chart for the most commonly used alkaline and acid foods. This is a really useful chart you can print out and stick onto your fridge!  8 pages

Alkaline Diet Health Tips:  For optimum health, it is recommended that your diet consists of the following proportions, although any shifts in diet towards more alkaline foods are good, no matter how small:

70% Alkaline Foods
20% Neutral/Moderately Acidic Foods
10% Acidic Foods (naughty indulgences!)


Live Energized:  The alkaline diet is focused upon giving your body all of the tools it needs to thrive: the nutrients and nourishment it needs to give you the health, energy, and vitality of your dreams.  86 pages

green leafy alkaline salad with mushrooms and spinach

Avocado Ninja:  This is not as difficult or as technical as it sounds. When we talk about eating alkaline foods or starting an alkaline diet we are referring to consuming those foods and drink which have an alkaline effect on the body. This effect is based upon the ash residue that remains after our foods are consumed. Some foods leave an acid ash, whereas others leave an alkaline ash.


pH Miracle Living:  Stick to salads, fresh vegetables and healthy nuts and oils. Try to consume plenty of raw foods and at least 2-3 liters of clean,
pure water daily.  3 pages

Natural Health Zone:  Personally, I have no interest in what a food is before I’ve eaten it – I want to know whether it will alkalize or acidify my body.   6 pages

Alkaline foods: onions, celery, garlic, tomatoes, broccoli

Acid Alkaline Diet:  There is no need to be extreme with your diet and remove all acidic foods. At the same time, very acidic foods should be avoided.  Often they are harmful and not just for your pH levels.  7 pages

Alkaline for Life:  Comprised mainly, but not exclusively, of vegetable foods, the Alkaline for Life diet achieves a balance between acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods. While the majority of foods in this diet are alkaline forming, you do not avoid all acid-forming foods. Proteins, for example, are acid forming, yet they are absolutely essential to good health.


Dr. Sebi #1: 


Health Alkaline:  The American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund call for choosing predominantly plant-based diets 5 rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits, legumes, and minimally processed starchy staple foods and limiting red meat consumption if red meat is eaten at all.

Dr. Sebi #2:   Although the natural vegetation cell food compounds were designed to extract mucus from a given area of the body, it is also necessary for the body to be cleansed as a whole. What makes our compounds unique is the manner in which they work to cleanse and nourish the entire body.

Fresh Start:  7 – Day Detox

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