Drinking Alkaline Water

Drinking Alkaline Water

Should you be drinking alkaline water?  In this video, Dr. Eric Berg talks about some of the dangers of alkaline water.

Key Points In The Video

  • Certain types of bottled water are already alkaline.  The reason why it is already alkaline is that of the minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, etc…), and bicarbonates in water that comes from a natural source.
  • There is an alternative way to make alkaline water with a machine.  This machine splits apart the water molecules with electricity, artificially making the water alkaline.
  • Dr. Berg in his practice noticed that those drinking the machine alternative alkaline water would have a pH in their urine of 9 when it is supposed to be between 5-6.
  • Learn more about pH here
  • The problem with having such a high pH, you don’t have protection against the microbes.  One of the reasons for having acidic urine is to kill off the microbes.
  • Microbes – a microorganism, especially a bacterium causing disease or fermentation.
  • Alkaline water alters the chemistry of the body.  There are three fluids in the body that should be acidic, stomach, the large bowel, and the urine.  They are acidic to help break down protein, to help absorb minerals, and to kill microbes.
  • When you consume alkaline water it can neutralize the different acidic fluids in the body.  This can create problems with digestion, large bowel, and the urine.  This also affects the absorption of electrolytes, and your heart needs electrolytes.  This could cause problems with your heart.
  • If you are going to drink alkaline water, get it naturally alkalines and not artificially alkaline.

Bottled at the source

If you look at the back of a bottled of water, one of the things you should look for is the words “Bottled at the source“.

Drinking water that receives its minerals naturally from the earth are generally safe, but when it comes to artificially alkaline water proceed with caution.  The high pH in artificially alkaline water can be misleading, and the amount of minerals in it is usually very low.  So don’t be fooled by the bottle that says the water is alkaline, look at the label and make sure that the water has been bottled at the source.


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