The Health Benefits of Lemon Water

In this video, Dr. Eric Berg talks about the health benefits of lemon water.  In particular, he provides information on the importance of vitamin C, and how lemon water helps to combat kidney stones.

My thoughts

The video provides very useful information.  Here are the points that stuck out to me as I reviewed the video:

  • Two lemons will provide you with all of the vitamin C that you need for the day.
  • I wake up and drink lemon water, because of the benefits, and it’s ability to aid the bodies digestive and detoxification.  I wish the video would have put more emphasis on this subject, but if you would like to know more, please check out the following link from the Global Healing Center website.
  • Recommended detox solution:  7 Day Smoothie Detox
  • What is Vitamin C good for:
  1. Bleeding Gums – If you brush your teeth and your gums start bleeding or become red, this could mean that you are deficient in vitamin C.
  2. Fatigue – A Korean study notes that those who received vitamin C noticed significantly more energy.  This increased energy continued for at least 24 hours.
  3. Varicose Veins – Vitamin C plays a crucial role in healing and protecting against damaging free radicals, and of the strengthening of the walls of our veins.
  4. Loss of Collagen (Loose Skin) – Vitamin C is used in nearly every step of the collagen formation process. Lack of vitamin C disrupts the body’s ability to manufacture collagen and connective tissues according to the website Collagen Complete. 
  5. Nosebleeds –  Nosebleeds can occur due to lack of vitamins C.
  6. Bruising – A deficiency in vitamin C can contribute to easy bruising.
  7. Microhemorrhaging (Clogged Arteries) –  Vitamin C supplementation both lowers serum cholesterol levels, strengthens,  and repairs lesions of arterial walls according to Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling.  
  • Lemons provide citrate, a key ingredient to prevent kidney stones, especially if you are consuming foods high in oxalates: kale, spinach, nuts, legumes, cruciferous vegetables, etc.
  • An alkaline diet consists of foods high in oxalates, so it is important to eat foods that have the key ingredient citrate.  Citrates help to dissolve kidney stones and keeps them from growing.
  • Dr. Berg provides a quick and easy elixir using lemon juice,  apple cider vinegar, and stevia.
  • The health benefits of lemon water is a game changer.

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